The Inaugural PGA Junior Match

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May 31, 2017
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June 14, 2017

The Inaugural PGA Junior Match

This past Saturday, June 3rd, The Oaks Golf Links hosted its inaugural PGA Junior League Match. As the Captain of the team I couldn’t be prouder of our kids and current Junior Golf program. Thanks to our generous Junior Golf sponsors and supportive owners here at The Oaks Golf Links we are taking huge strides towards putting Junior golf on the map here in Somersworth, NH. Meet our u13 players!

Team Fowler:

  • Mason – Barrington NH

  • Maeve – Madbury NH

  • Xavier – Berwick ME

  • Nate – Barrington NH

  • Ian – Barrington NH

  • Chris – Durham NH

  • Logan – Dover NH

  • Cheyenne – Lebanon ME

  • Phineas – Lee NH

  • Jackson G – Somersworth NH

  • Kingsbury – Madbury NH

Team Speith

  • Louis – Dover NH

  • Lucy – Rochester NH

  • Connor – Berwick ME

  • Aubrey – Berwick ME

  • Chandler – Berwick ME

  • Luc – Newmarket NH

  • Gabrielle – Newmarket NH

  • Jackson – Somersworth NH

  • Jackson B. (my son) – Auburn NH

  • Graham (my son) – Auburn NH

That’s 21 kids from surrounding towns… 21 more than we had last year! This is thanks to the Jr. Golf Initiative (to grow jr. golf at The Oaks) we began this December, awesome stuff.

About the The Match: The teams faced off in a fun 9 hole, two person scramble match play format (4 foursomes & 8 matches). Click Here for official PGA Junior League Rules. In this match, team Fowler and team Speith squared off.

The Result: Smiling faces, new friendships, proud parents and positive attitudes. In the end, team Fowler edged team Speith. I know team Speith will be practicing hard in the coming weeks to get some payback! Next Saturday, team Fowler travels to Candia Woods to face one of Candia Woods’s teams, and team Speith plays Candia Woods’s second team at The Oaks.

There are 5 matches in this year’s PGA League at The Oaks. Each match will have an impact on the kids, parents, PGA coaches, The Oaks and the game of golf. It’s a pleasure taking this Junior Golf initiative on and I’m looking forward to continuing our efforts in growing the game of golf.

Today’s Wednesday June 7th and I finally see & feel the sun! Come out and play – I hope to see you soon.

Shaun Bishop
Shaun Bishop
General Manager | Director of Golf | Candia Woods Golf Links

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