Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

As a wedding planner I get a lot of feedback from brides on things they wished they had done for their wedding and some things they wished they hadn’t spent so much time on. Planning a wedding is no easy task but it is a lot of fun for most! During the planning period it is easy to get a head of yourself and out a lot on your plate because you think you will have plenty of time…that time goes by very fast! Here are the 8 Do’s and Don’ts most brides wish they knew then what they know now.

First, do: think twice before DIY projects. DIY projects are great when you are trying to cut down cost’s, but they can be extremely time consuming. I am a big DIY person but take it from me some things don’t work out the way you plan, and it can create a headache! I’d suggest making one or two things that you will want to keep after the wedding and creating a plan for the others that you like.  Second and Third is a do and a don’t, do not neglect to rehearse everything! Do, avoid blisters! 

To avoid a mistake or a headache on the big day is to rehearse the whole day and do it a couple times. Other things to rehearse that you may not think about are to try your dress on and walk around in it and to have your hair and makeup down once before, so you can change things you don’t like about it. Wear your shoes a few times to break them in and get used to walking in them.

Fourth is a Do, keep track of your budget. It can be very easy to lose track of what you are spending when you are making your own centerpieces or when you pick up random keep sakes when you are out. Plan out a reasonable budget along the way so you stay on track!

Fifth and Sixth, both are Do’s. Do: choose the bridal party you want and Do: delegate your ladies night out. By choosing the right ladies by your side what could go wrong at your wedding? Be sure you have the right people on your side, they will ensure you have the best night out and that you have the day you have been dreaming of!

Seventh and Eight are both Don’ts. Don’t: forget your lines and Don’t forget to have fun! Your vows are incredibly important, it will be something you go back and read again. Make sure you have some of them memorized, its easy to get swept away in the moment. Lastly PLEASE do not forget to have fun and enjoy your big day! You worked so hard to plan and execute the day, its your responsibility to have fun and enjoy it.

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