What Trends Will You Be Following This Season?

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What Trends Will You Be Following This Season?

As somebody who loves attending weddings as much as I love to plan them there is nothing better than seeing what brides are doing at their weddings and what might be trending during that time. Year after year we see what trends brides are doing and what trends the wedding industry wants to see. It would take you a couple days to read through all of the trends that are arising, so I went thorough and picked out some of my favorites and those ones that I see most often.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies have been one of the biggest trends over the last 10 years and continues to grow year after year. You would think that getting married outside, surround by greenery would be enough….nope! Many get married standing in front of a gazebo or under an arch that has been covered in leaves, flowers and other greenery to enhance the outdoor feel. I personally love this look for a wedding, it comes together beautifully!

Who loves entertainment and games? I know I do! The classic tradition at a wedding is to have some sort of music whether it is a DJ, or a band. I am all for having music at a wedding, I am also all for having games at a wedding! When you think about it, its kind of a win -win situation!

Some popular lawn games couples have played are cornhole, ladder ball, can jam, giant Jenga and Yahtzee among many other. The benefit is you can have a custom cornhole board made and some other fun games made and they become wedding keepsakes that you can use for many years. Another benefit to having games is for your guests, some don’t like to dance so rather than sit around and watch they can get up and have just as much fun as everyone else! Another fun entertainment piece to a wedding is a photobooth! Again, this gives your guests something fun to do and another great keepsake for your wedding.

There are so many aspects to a wedding it can be easy to get caught up in so many of these trends. My biggest piece of advice, narrow down what is important to you. Having a large elegant royal wedding may be important to some but not to all, just like having plenty of entertainment may be important to me, it would be to others. Always keep true to who you are and what is important, that way your wedding will be perfect to you!

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