A Tale From Behind The Bar

Written by: Sarah Cote

When working in a golf course bar, we get to know our members very well and a community is created. We share stories, we hear about families and vacations, and we certainly learn what each person likes to drink. This is one of the greatest parts about working at the Candia Woods Clearing. I value the relationships and the people that I have met at the course and that I know will be there week after week, enjoying all that our course has to offer.

In addition to our members, our employees have another incredible opportunity to meet all kinds of great people. Throughout the season and the many, many outings and events we host, new people walk in looking to have a good time. Families, friends, co workers, and charity groups all come together to celebrate and they choose to do so with a day of golf at our course.

It is our job to make sure they have a great time, and it is one that we take seriously. They come and they don’t always know what to expect, but we are always here to help and make sure their time here is just as great as the hope. I have seen families fundraise money for medical research that has closely touched their lives.

I have helped companies celebrate milestones with their employees. I have also seen groups come together to remember and honor a passed loved one with that person’s favorite game of golf. Sometimes, they even come back each year with the same outing and, despite only having seen them once, we all remember each other and are able to smile and say hello like friends.

All of these things are what make outings and the people involved unique from the members that are here often. Each week another group comes expecting to play golf. We, as the bartenders, make that day all it can be for them. Over my time here I have learned that you don’t always need to see people multiple times a week to meet and get to know great people.

Whether we are on the beverage cart or working in the bar, new people come and are happy to be there and happy to share their good times with us. We work in the service industry and we know the importance of working hard. Our employees never lose sight of that. But I think that this golf course has something special and distinctive because of the nature of our venue.

We have members that we know and see weekly, but we also get to share the good times with newcomers during our events and outings. At the end of the day, we value all of the people that we meet and the time that we share with them at the golf course. I don’t know of any other job that offers that and I am happy to say that I am a part of it.

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