3 Myths on What Tees to Play

Have you ever played a course for first time and wondered, “What tees should I play from?”


Did you ask the starter/pro shop for advice?


Did you and your group just decide on a tees based on what other groups were playing?


Here are 3 Tee Selection Myths debunked:

Myth #1 – Certain tees are for certain genders

That’s right, all tees are for all genders.  In fact, the reason certain tees are called ‘Ladies Tees’ are due to the tee markers set for tournaments taken place at the course.  So a man can play from the forward tees? Why not?  If you are just learning the game or play recreational golf; would if help your enjoyment and interest of the game?

Myth #2 – If you are a senior golfer… the forward tees are yours

This myth is tied to the previous one.  Again, the tees are set for seniors for tournament settings.  The tees do not discriminate your age.  Regardless of how old you are, every set of tees are available.

Myth #3 – Under 5.0 index should play from the ‘tips’

Not as common of a myth, but I have heard it.  For the fact the player has a lower handicap one might believe that they should be playing from the furthest back tees.  This may not be the case.


Which leads me to ask… what decides the tee selection for a golfer?



One factor would be driving distance.  Based on how far you hit your drive, the PGA of America believes you should then choose your tees.

Would you ever play a forward set of tees if your driver distance recommended it?  Your ego may get in the way; but possibly proposing lower scores for ‘Teeing it Forward’ could sell the group.  I know I would rather have lower scores than hitting hybrids and woods into a green on a par four.

Have you seen some courses create combo tees?  This option allows golfers to play a completely different course without creating a new set of tees.

Will this trend to more courses?

Time will only tell; but it could create a new look to a golf course for you.  Next time you are out playing, maybe try a new set of tees.  Did your score improve?  How was your experience?


I hope you have enjoyed some of these myths and let me know if you ever hear of others.

Eric Foster, MBA
Eric Foster, MBA
Director of Marketing & Sales | Twitter: @FosterTheRed


  1. Anonymous says:

    Many beginner golfers have great long games, but zero game from 150 in. What’s the appropriate tee? They drive to 150, then take 10 more to get in the hole. What’s the answer?

    Many seniors have lost most of their dustance, but are wicked from 100 in. 4 shots to green, 1 putt. What’s the appropriate tee?

    Some junior players whale it, others are Pee Wees, but they both score the same. What’s the appropriate tee?

    We are overthinking this. Play from whatever tee you prefer, as long as u do it n 4 hours!, and let your score dictate your handicap. When u change tees, your slope changes and, thus, your handicap is adjusted.

    Tournaments are a diff story.

    • Eric Foster, MBA says:

      Thank you for you comment and really enjoy your perspective! No matter what tees are selected as long as you are enjoying your golf and having fun.

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