Putters… What’s Right for You?

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June 14, 2017
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Putters… What’s Right for You?

When do you need a new putter?

If you average more than 2 putts per green in a round, it’s time for something new.  But…

Which putter is the right one?

Should you get a blade or a mallet?

What length should you get?

What is the best grip for you?

Who should you go to for the answers to these questions?

Do you watch Golf on television?

The tour players have putting all figured out, right.  Well, not necessarily, they need help too.  Some players change putters regularly and some never change.

There are so many choices.  Bernhard Langer putts with a long putter, Matt Kuchar putts with a 38-inch putter that he leans against the inside of his left arm, Jordan Spieth uses an “Anser” type putter with a fat grip, Duston Johnson has changed his putter this year to a mallet type of putter.

What should you be looking for?

The two most important considerations: (1) Find the length that’s right for you; and (2) determine the style or balance that fits your natural stroke.

For length, give yourself a test.  If you are right handed, put a ball in your left pocket.  Put a ball down on the floor and set up to the ball with your putter.  Don’t move your body, take the ball out of your pocket and put it to your eye.  Drop it.

If the ball lands inside the floor ball your putter is too long.  If the ball lands on the floor ball, you have the correct length.  If the ball lands outside the floor ball, your putter is too short.  The object is to get your eyes over the golf ball, so you can see down the line to the hole.

Style (balance) have someone watch your stroke.  Some putters are toed down, some are face balanced and some fall in the middle.  To determine the style of a putter, just balance the shaft on your pointer finger.  If the face stays parallel to the ground, it is a face balanced putter.  If the toe of the putter is perpendicular to the floor, it is a toed down putter.  Face balanced putters, swing on a straight back-straight through path.  Toed down putters, swing on an open to close path.

Now, go out and try a few putters on the practice green.  Find the correct length, and find the correct style to match your path and your putting will improve.

Ask for help from your PGA and LPGA staff, and star making putts… golf will become more fun.

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