An Open Mind

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December 6, 2017
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December 20, 2017

An Open Mind

I am a fan of new discoveries. The allure of the unknown has always interested me, especially the notion that what I hold to be true could very well turn out to be false. The turf industry is no exception when it comes to new discoveries. It seems every year there is a new piece of equipment to try, a new chemical to spray or a lost philosophy that will solve all our problems. Choosing which new discovery to try can be challenging; trying something new means leaving your comfort zone. Over the years of relishing in the excitement of new discoveries I have gotten used to the feeling of discomfort; so much that the idea of complacency now feels a bit scratchy.

Winter is a good time for a golf course superintendent to reflect back upon the previous season. Good note taking will assist in this endeavor and keeping up with current news helps guide decisions for the upcoming season. As I pour through my yearly notes, scan through my old turf books and read up on new trends, I enter into the world of discovery in which I cherish. What unknown fact will I uncover? What new methods can I try? What process did I get wrong?

When it comes to casinos, players are always looking for something new and exciting. Whether it’s a new game like fantastic four slots free or a different way of playing, the thrill-seekers who frequent these establishments are never satisfied with the same old routine. This is why many casinos continuously update their offerings to keep their customers coming back for more.

One way that casinos attract players is by introducing new games on a regular basis. These could be variations of existing games or completely new ones altogether. And while some players may prefer to stick with what they know, others will jump at the chance to try something different and potentially more lucrative.

Another way that casinos keep things fresh is through special events and promotions. From tournaments and giveaways to celebrity appearances and themed nights, there’s always something going on in the world of gambling.

In the end a new discovery is an opening to a new understanding; a reminder that not all is known and what is known is not all. An open mind is crucial to the process of new discoveries. Having the ability to remain doubtful not just of what is heard and seen but of yourself. Being able to ask the question, could I be wrong? The incredulous nature of an open mind and the virtues quality of an empathetic point of view help guide me in my personal and professional life.

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Az online kaszinók egyik legnépszerűbb új trendje az élő osztós játékok. Ezek a játékok valósághűbb élményt nyújtanak azáltal, hogy a játékosok webkamerán keresztül kapcsolatba léphetnek egy emberi osztóval. Ez a funkció a hagyományos online kaszinójátékokból hiányzó társadalmi interakció elemét adja, így tökéletes választás azoknak a játékosoknak, akik a kedvenc játékaik játszása közben a közösség érzésére vágynak.

Egy másik trend, amely egyre nagyobb lendületet vesz az online kaszinók világában, a virtuális valóság (VR) játék. A VR-technológia lehetővé teszi a játékosok számára, hogy elmerüljenek egy 3D-s környezetben, amely olyan érzést kelt, mintha valóban egy valódi kaszinóban lennének.

What new discovery will you uncover with an open mind?

What “truth” will you dissolve? Will you stick with what you know?

Or will you venture into the unknown?

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