I’m A “Ping Girl”!

Winter… No Time Off For a Golf Course Grounds Crew
March 1, 2016
WMUR Came to Candia Woods
March 10, 2016
I have played Ping since I was 16 years old.  Before that I couldn’t break an egg.

I started with Eye irons – Broke 90.

Went to Eye Woods, K2 Irons, Anser Putter – Broke 80.

Then went to Eye 2 Woods, Eye 2 Irons, Pal Putter – broke 70, and won my first NHWGA State Amateur.

Since then I’ve played the ISI Nickel, i3, Rapture, G5, I15, G25 and G30… Won 15 more NHWGA Championships, an Eastern Senior, the New England Am and played in more than 20 USGA events. 

Holy Cow!!!  I am a Ping girl, let’s face it. 

I’ve played Ping, worked for Ping and I sell Ping… I love Ping.  Can you tell?

My next clubs:  PING G — I can’t wait!



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The G Driver
G Fairway Woods


G Hybrids


G Irons


G Max Irons


Early Demo Day

Saturday April 23rd 11-3
Candia Woods Golf Links

 Ping Demos

Available To Test In The Pro Shops… Starting This Week!

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