Fall-ing In Love

Written by: Kerry McCarthy

With wedding season vastly approaching, its only natural to reminisce on all of the beautiful weddings over the years. When I think of beauty, romance and the perfect wedding atmosphere many of our past fall weddings come to mind. If you are thinking of having your perfect New England wedding it only makes sense that it would be in the cool, crisp air of the autumn months.

Here are four reasons why we love fall weddings…

Fall foliage makes everything more beautiful.

In New England, we are blessed with the most magical landscapes. The foliage provides a beautiful spectrum of fall colors, which makes for the perfect backdrop. You couldn’t dream of a more majestic view. During the fall, you don’t have to go crazy with outdoor decorations, especially for your ceremony, just let the surrounding beauty and warmth of the fall colors be the décor.

Pumpkin and apple treats for everyone!

If you are a fan of apple and pumpkin, than this is a perfect excuse to indulge in tasty autumn treats. For dessert you can serve your guests apple cinnamon donuts instead of the traditional wedding cakes, or if you decide to go buffet style,  serve mini apple pie pops. Cocktail options can be endless! Make a unique signature drink for your wedding reception, like having an apple cider mimosa or an adult hot cocoa! The possibilities are endless.

Perfect, humid free weather!

Of course all brides want perfect weather for their wedding day. Luckily the autumn months provide warmth, long hours of sunlight, and little to no humidity! Normally people don’t even consider humidity when picking their wedding date, but think about it, you don’t want to be exchanging your vows while yours and your guests makeup melts off! September gives you the summer feeling with the autumn beauty. In the fall, your guests wont mind sitting outside waiting for you to walk down the aisle!

Informal colors for a formal event.

Who says mustard and tangerine cant be wedding colors? In fall these colors make a perfect statement when against the natural backdrop. The best thing about fall weddings is that all colors work! Wither you want a warm palate that consists of  vanilla and sage or cool colors like burgundy and emerald anything and everything can be possible in the beauty of  a New England wedding.






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