Do You Know About the Benefits of a Spring Wedding?

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April 5, 2017
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April 19, 2017

Do You Know About the Benefits of a Spring Wedding?

Spring can bring beautiful weather with birds chirping, white cherry blossoms, the smell of winter going away and a fresh New Year starting.  Outdoor weddings are beautiful in all seasons, especially in the spring.  It is important to remember that each season brings its own colors, climate and weather conditions.  You can plan your themed wedding around your season (See Woodland Theme Wedding).

With that being said; spring weddings can be challenging and come with additional planning, especially with the weather.  Having your guests comfortable and warm should be in your plan.  You could consider warm lap blankets, furry mittens, hot beverages and outdoor heaters for your ceremony site if choosing an early spring date.

Another thing to consider is that with spring comes rain. Always plan for the weather to change on your wedding date because being prepared is a plus. Many brides will bring plain black umbrellas if their venue does not provide them. Not only is this convenient for the rain but the all black umbrellas make for beautifully classy photos. Even clear or white umbrellas with t-lights inside make for beautiful pictures at night time.

You and your coordinator should find a temperature that you would like to cap for outdoors, let’s say 50 degrees.  If that number is below, then you both should consider an inside location or possibly a tent. Tents can make for a beautiful addition to the venue.   Many people will add lights or hanging chandeliers to the tent to give it a romantic feel. The venue that you choose should have an inside option for the ceremony planned just in case.  This conversation should be taking place a week before your wedding up to the hour before.

Communication is a definite must when having your wedding ceremony in March or even April.  Planning a flawless ceremony with everyone in mind will make your guests, wedding party and you both very happy!

Here are a few reasons to consider a Spring Wedding.

  • Perennials

  • Cherry Blossom branches

  • Gorgeous pastel colors

  • Not too hot and not too cold

  • Maple syrup

  • Lots of natural greenery for your rustic theme

  • You can incorporate all spring produce in your menu; asparagus, snap peas, baby carrots, strawberries, etc

  • Your signature drink can be either a Mint Julep or Strawberry-Rhubarb Sangria

Here are a few things to give you a kick start to planning your spring wedding!

Amnesia roses along with accent color roses


There’s nothing better than a simple flower crown to accent the new spring flowers blooming!


Another popular is pastel colors! With the right shade they can be rustic, romantic and very fresh for spring! Here are some popular pallets! Don’t be afraid to throw some yellows or greens in there as well!



 As we are finally thinking spring, I wanted to share the benefits of having a spring wedding and making your day special!  Regardless of the season, your New England wedding should be fantastic!

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Have a wedding story?  Email me ( to share.  I would love to capture your experience in my next post.


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