A Year In Review

Winter Covers… Good For Some Greens — Not Necessarily For All
December 20, 2016
US Senior Open Returns to Salem!
February 8, 2017

A Year In Review

Do you enjoy learning cool aspects about the game of golf… about the latest foods trending among golfers… about specialty drinks being served in the country’s best 19th holes?

Last year we introduced the CandiaOaks BLOG called “OFF THE TEE”.  Each week one of our team members posted some cool stuff about golf technique, course maintenance, the game’s new gadgets, 19th hole treats, some tidbits of golf history, an occasional personal story, even a tip or two about creating the perfect wedding at a golf course. 

It appears that several of you enjoyed our posts… the list of “OFF THE TEE” subscribers grew throughout the year.

Well… welcome to 2017, to the upcoming golf season and to the second year of “OFF THE TEE”.  Weekly posts will be commencing next week, and continue throughout the year.

And, as an added feature this year, “OFF THE TEE” will feature guest bloggers.  We’ve already lined up several interesting professionals from the golf industry who will be making contributions.  In fact, our 2017 BLOG season kicks off with a post from a guest.

In next week’s “OFF THE TEE” post tournament director Eddie Carbone will provide information, and interesting insights into the 2017 U.S. Senior Open.  Yes.  One of golf’s most popular annual events is coming to nearby Salem Country Club in Peabody, Massachusetts… and you can get the inside story straight from the event’s director on our BLOG page!

It’s another El Ni·ñoI year which bodes well for an early start for golf.  I urge you to think warm weather, and to begin getting into your golfer frame of mind.  The season will be here before you can blink twice.   What better way to get started on that journey toward your first round of the year than to check out our weekly posts?

If you enjoy learning cool stuff about the game of golf, fun stuff about the food & drink that’s trending among golfers or even the occasional tip on making a wedding memorable – then follow the weekly posts of

And, when you’d like to make a comment about any of our posts, we encourage you to use the comment box right on the home page… we’ll keep the conversation going with a response!

Again, think warm weather… and, as you do, let us know what golf topics you might like to see in our upcoming posts.  Simply respond to this email with your requests.

Yours in golf,

Peter Harrity

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