A Chef’s Favorite Dish

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August 9, 2016
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August 24, 2016

A Chef’s Favorite Dish

You might embrace my philosophy in your kitchen!

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

In my position as executive chef at The Oaks the above question is the one I most frequently hear from members and guests.  And, my answer is always the same:  “The next item that goes on our menu.”

Growing up in a family of thirteen children I was amazed how my mother could create dishes that we allhealthy-cooking-secrets-20 enjoyed.  And, at the same time, she was always creative… never afraid to embrace something new.

You see, my mother’s commitment to imagination in her kitchen has been the inspiration for my culinary career.  The next item going out of the kitchen is my favorite!

Of course, like my mother knew what the family liked, I have my ear to the ground; I listen to feed back from all of our diners, and build the menu around their favorites.  But, I never stop thinking about new options that might intrigue a pallet.

If you’re the person setting the menu in your household kitchen give some thought to my philosophy.  Create a menu that is based on your family’s likes, but don’t stop trying new things… And, make that new item your favorite!


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