Spikeless or Spikes … That Is The Question

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October 5, 2017
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November 2, 2017

Spikeless or Spikes … That Is The Question

When you golf, what type of shoes do you wear?


Spikes?  Spikeless?  Or another type of shoe?


Now, when talking spikes I do not mean the metal spikes.

More talking about soft spikes.



Here are some Pros and Cons to the debate:

Spikes Pros

  • Traction – with a traditional look and ability to change worn spikes, these shoes offer maximum traction

  • Course Conditions – plays off of the first point but in wetter conditions shoes with spikes can get a golfer grounded

  • Longevity – with the ability to remove and replace worn spikes, you can really make those shoes last

Spikeless Pros

  • Versatility – makes walking around in the house or clubhouse without problem.  With the smaller rubber nubs, you do not need to change out of your shoes.

  • Comfort – typically spikeless shoes were design to increase comfort levels.  Companies are trying to increase the comfort to spiked shoes but most say still fall short of spikeless.

  • Balance – with spiked shoes a player may seem more elevated.  This can create a balance issue; but with spikless shoes you are at a comfortable level you are accustomed to.



Traction: Spiked

Comfort: Spikeless

Longevity: Spiked

Versatility: Spikeless




In deciding spiked or spikeless, what aspects factor into your decision?  The course(s) you play?  Comfortably? Stylish?


Either way you can’t lose because you are playing golf!


Eric Foster, MBA
Eric Foster, MBA
Director of Marketing & Sales | Twitter: @FosterTheRed

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