Hospitality—A Family Industry?

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November 8, 2016
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Hospitality—A Family Industry?

Those of you who have never been involved in the hospitality industry have likely never considered the stress on family that can come for those of us who have selected a career in a field which prime time literally matches traditional family time.

Dinner service interrupts a time of day that is usually reserved for family. And, in the hospitality industry, weekends and holidays almost always create a conflict between work camaje-cooking-7time and family time.

But, my passion is food; at a young age I decided to pursue a path with a long term goal of becoming an executive chef.

Culinary school, back of the house summer work from dish washer to prep, a full time job as a line cook, on to sous chef and ultimately executive chef.

A journey that has had the full support of my wife and our four children… one that has had its share of compromise… but a trip we’ve made together.

You see, throughout my career I’ve kept my family close to me at work.
At a young age bringing them in to see just how much fun Dad has at work.

As our older children reached work age bringing them in to work with Dad in both the front and back of the house.image3

And, here at The Oaks, having them hitting golf balls on the range, or playing a round of golf has kept them close to Dad.

I have been fortunate… Pursuing my career goal with the support and inclusion of my family.

I do ask however, the next time you enjoy a family dinner at a
restaurant, or a family gathering out on a holiday… you give a quick thought to those who, away from their family’s, are providing you and yours a special experience.

And, if you come to The Oaks for our annual Thanksgiving dinner your server might be my daughter, and the potatoes might have been peeled by my son… ENJOY!

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