Golf’s Vernacular

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February 2, 2016
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February 23, 2016

Golf’s Vernacular

Golf’s Vernacular… How to Speak Golf

As we approach the new season I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the idioms that create a special golfer parlance.  Take a look through these definitions, and then read below a typical post round conversation between two avid golfers named Eric and Andyof course, using golf’s unique vernacular.  When I see you next we can talk golf!

Enjoy Peter

When a shot to the green goes too far, and ends up
well over the target it is said to be AIRMAILED.

Army Golf
Hitting tee shots both right and left during the course of a round.  The phase comes from an army troop marching in unison: left – right – left – right.

Rick O’Shea
A shot into the woods that caroms back to the
fairway is said to be thrown out by a fictitious
character by the name of RIC-O-SHET.

A bad bounce on a shot, or a putt that lips out.

Leaking Oil
A golfer is said to be leaking oil when he/she
begins to falter during the latter holes
of a particularly good round.

A Wagon
A wagon at the golf course is a riding golf cart.
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Sunset Strip
An 18-hole score of 77 The phase comes
from the iconic TV series of the 60’s.

Off The Planet
A term used to describe a wild tee shot; one
that will likely result in a lost ball.

The score of 8 on any given hole.

The Track
A term used for the golf course
a trip around all 18-holes.

The fairway

A Fried Egg
A buried lie in a sand trap.

The Rock
Your golf ball

A Leaner
A shot from the fairway, or the tee on a par three
hole that ends up right next to the flag.

A Blow
Each stroke counted toward your score.

The Stretch
The last few holes on an 18-hole course
usually holes 16-17-18

A golfer’s lowest lifetime 18-hole score.

A golfer’s perspective of absolute perfection!

On The Screws
A perfect shot, usually with a driver, is said to
have been hit on the screws.  The phrase comes
from early wooden drivers which actually had
screws in the center of the club face.

Going Low
A really good score.

An 18-hole score of 76 The phase comes from the famous
scene and song in the musical Music Man.

Nineteenth Hole
The club’s grill room.

Down The Road
A golfer who has missed the cut in a tournament
is said to be “Down the Road’ Also used by
golfers when leaving the course.

A putt

Going For Your Brains
A disastrous round of golf a golfer’s worst fear.

Three Whack Attack
A three putt green.  So named after
the McDonald’s long time ad
campaign for their Big Mac.

Fit Your Eye
If a particular hole looks easy to a golfer, it’s said
to fit his or her eye.  If not, a golfer will likely
have trouble on that particular hole.

A Game
A round of golf with one to three playing partners.

Eric and Andy… Speaking Golf

During the customary post round hand shake Eric started the conversation:  “I thought you were on your way to a career today Andy.

“Yea… but after I airmailed 15 I was leaking oil all the way down the stretch.”

“Well sunset strip isn’t all that bad.”

“Right, but your trombones still beat me by a blow.”

“Maybe you’ll beat me next time.  Let’s head up to the nineteenth-holeI love it that they have 16 on draft.”

They hopped in their wagon and headed for the clubhouse.

“With one of those cold drafts in front of him Andy started to recant the round.  “I love going around this track.”

“Same here the conditions are absolutely pure.”

“And a real challenge; if you’re not hitting it on the screws, and keeping it in motown you’ll go for your brains.”

“True.  But, the carpets do allow you to roll your rock and make some putts.”  Eric paused for a minute then continued:  “I was just thinking the only three whack attack we had between us was you on seven.”

“Don’t remind me.  Before that hole I thought I might be going low.”

“I was surprised when you uncharacteristically hit it off the planet there.”

“For some reason that hole just doesn’t fit my eye; where was Rick O’Shea when I needed him?”

“And, the fried egg added to your misery; then you got robbed on your second putt.”

“Enough I want to forget about that snowman!”

“You did come back with a leaner on the very next hole.”

“Thanks.  That’s what makes me want to come back for next week’s game.”

Eric stood up from the table and extended his hand toward Andy “Well partner, I’ve got to head on down the road – Same starting time next week?”

“You bet.”


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