Fall Golf

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October 7, 2016
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October 18, 2016

Fall Golf

As the leaves turn and begin to fall from the trees our weather certainly gets colder.  But, that adobestock_1674961-300x207doesn’t mean you have to stop playing golf; those who do miss an experience that is unique and fun.

American golf had its beginning in the northeast, and a number of our courses are classic in their shaping, routing, and shadowing.  The first American golfers got out on the courses very early in the spring, and played until the snow covered the ground.

There were very few “fair weather golfers”.

The avid golfer who plays late autumn golf enjoys less crowded fairways, fast greens (green speed increases as the grass plant goes dormant for the upcoming winter), unique shadowing (created by a lower sun angle), and the opportunity to warm up with a good seasonal beverage at the clubhouse.

Golf driver on tee lined up with ball during the fall.

Golf driver on tee lined up with ball during the fall.

The great champion tennis player Ivan Lendle, who is an avid golfer and has a house in northwestern Connecticut, said about autumn golf in New England:  “I really like the light that time of year… it makes walking a golf course in that part of the world very enjoyable”.

Here are some cold weather tips to you enjoy a longer season:

*Flannel Lined Pants (I have a pair from LL Bean)
*Layers… Including a mock turtle and light weight, but warm golf jacket. *A Snow Hat
*Warm Socks
*Winter Golf Gloves

*Hand warmer
*Low compression golf balls (colder temperatures reduce distance and feel; using a lower compression golf ball will significantly improve feel)
*Colored golf balls (this will make balls more visible)

Fun – Rules and Play
Golf is fun and can be even more fun when played in the late autumn. Score and competition become second to enjoying the day, the course, and good camaraderie.
Consider the following:
*The leaf rule – although not recognized by the USGA the leaf rule simply states that a ball considered lost in leaves does not invoke a penalty for lost ball. Instead a player simply drops where he/she thinks the ball came to rest and continues play with no penalty.
*Format – consider trying a different format like “foursomes” sometimes called alternate shot; or play a game that counts only your best 12 holes.

Most Importantly — Come on Out and Play
Watch the weather forecast, pick a nice day, and make a tee time. Enjoy golf in a unique, less rushed, and enjoyable fashion. Our indoor winter days last much too long.

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