5 Free Apps to Have In Your “Mobile Golf Bag”

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5 Free Apps to Have In Your “Mobile Golf Bag”

Technology is finding its way into almost every facet of life.  With the ease of accessibility, you can put GolfBagMobilenumerous tools at your fingertips.  Golf is no exception.  With so many applications available, which ones do you install into your “Mobile Golf Bag”?
Being a tech nerd, I am always looking for the latest and greatest apps to improve in my golf game.  Some may say there are not enough apps available to take on such a task, but I digress.  If you are looking to build your “Mobile Golf Bag”, I selected 5 Free Apps that you should have.
Hole19_AppHole 19
Developed by: Stat Track Technologies Lda.
Available in: iTunes, Google Play
Rating: 4 Stars (iTunes), 4 Stars (Google Play)
Hole19 provides a simple and easy way to gain valuable insights into your game through the app. It is available for both iOS and Android. The main features include a GPS rangefinder, Club Tracker, Strokesaver and a mobile Scorecard all in one. There is aerial imagery for over 33,000 golf courses worldwide and counting, providing accurate yardages to greens, hazards and more. Through the Simple Tracking mode, you can record your main statistics after completion of each hole – the number of strokes, number of putts, fairways hit and more.  You can also post pictures and more; both on and off the course.
The Hole19 Golf App is basically a caddy in your pocket. Not only are your statistics available on your phone through the app, but you can log in to the desktop “clubhouse” on the Hole19 website to view your account and statistics.

USGA_Rules_AppUSGA Rules
Developed by: The United States Golf Association
Available in: iTunes, Google Play
Rating: 4+ Stars (iTunes), 4 Stars (Google Play)
We all have had those scenarios in which a rule was in question.  This can lead to epic debates on who knows the rules of golf better.  Forget waiting to settle the dispute until after the round by the club pro and get the answer right away on this app. I do not recommend on settling this dispute at length on the golf course; it allows you to let you playing partners know the answer on the journey to the next hole.
A table of contents greets the user upon launch including topics like etiquette, definitions, rules of play and decisions. There is also a handy “How to Use” section for beginners. Tapping on any one of these topics opens a deeper section of content.

GolfNet_AppGolf Net – Golf Handicap Tracker
Developed by: GolfNet
Available in: iTunes, Google Play
Rating: 4 Stars (iTunes), 3.5 Stars (Google Play)
I currently use the GolfNet app to record my scores, to produce a USGA Index.  It is free to install, but you need to be an active member through a club or GolfNet. Either way this app allows you to post your score immediately and alleviates the need to remember to post your score in house or at home.
– View your Handicap Index
– Post 5 Scores to get a Handicap Index
– Join the largest network of USGA licensed golf clubs
– Post and view your entire score history
– View your Handicap Revision history
– Lookup your friends or other golfers Handicap Index
– Search for golf courses near you

Hudl_AppHudl Technique Golf
Developed by: UberSense Inc.
Available in: iTunes, Google Play
Rating: 4+ Stars (iTunes), 4 Stars (Google Play)
Whether you are taking lessons or practicing to improve your game, this app allows you to record your swing and take it to the next level.
Hudl Technique Golf has been used to analyze more than 10 million swings worldwide.
-Record swings in HD up to 240 FPS (if supported by device).
-Analyze in slow motion with swing plane drawings.
-Compare your swing against 90+ swings from PGA golfers like Patrick Reed, Jeff Overton and more (driver, irons and wedge Face-on and DTL).
-Create swing reviews with voice-overs, annotations and side-by-side video.
-Watch golf lessons from PGA instructors.
-Share your swings with friends and instructors via email, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook and more.
-Import and analyze existing swings from external camera or import via email, Dropbox and more.
Overall a great app to have a video of your swing and dissect as desired.

Developed by: THINQ Sports LLC
Available in: iTunes, Google Play
Rating: 4+ Stars (iTunes), 4 Stars (Google Play)
This app is great for the most difficult distance in golf; the one between your ears.  THINQ Golf app provides brain games that will improve your mental strength out on the links.  THINQ Golf’s games have been carefully designed to improve necessary cognitive skills such as awareness, attention, synchronicity, intention, and adaptability.
It is similar to Lumosity, a popular brain-training program, though ThinQ Golf was designed specifically for golfers.  There is an in-app purchase to get more games; but the free version works just fine. THINQ Golf Games were developed from a research base. A laboratory measure of each mental skills was used to design the THINQ Golf Games. Upon completion, each game was also research tested to determine the efficacy of the game to influence brain patterns, golf performance, or both.
In conclusion these apps offer a variety of factors that go into a golf game.  From practicing to recording your score to on and off course tools; my “Mobile Golf Bag” gives me access to improve my game.  They won’t cure the 3 putts, but it may limit them!  I hope you have the same enjoyment for these apps as I do and let me know what apps you have in your “Mobile Golf Bag”.
Stay tuned to my next post as I will dive deeper into managing your golf statistics through apps and what they mean…
Eric Foster, MBA
Eric Foster, MBA
Director of Marketing & Sales | Twitter: @FosterTheRed

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