The Green Group

The Green Group is a made up of women golfers holding USGA indexes from 10.0 to 36.0… they all truly love golf.

Every Saturday morning the group holds a game at The Oaks Golf Links.  Play is from the green tees… hence the name:  “The Green Group”.

On Monday of each week members of the Green Group receive an email with results from the prior weekend’s game, and a link to the sign up guestbook for the upcoming game.

If you fit the golfer profile described above… your eligible to join the group.  There is no charge to sign up, and you can play whenever your schedule allows — the game is always there!

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Hello Green Group,

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone for making this season a great one for the Green Group at The Oaks. As a whole, we have grown and I continue to see new faces every week which should be a rewarding feeling for not only myself, but for everyone that plays because it is you all that I consistently hear are going out and recruiting more and more players to join us. It has become part of a routine for many of you; you go out and play 18 holes with ladies that you now consider to be your friends and have some lunch afterwards while I score. And it is through golf that has brought everyone together that makes my Saturdays the easiest to rush to work! I hope you all enjoy this group as much as I do and continue to participate week after week and year after year.


Thank you for an amazing season that gets better by the week!

Your PGM Intern,

Ashley Tewksbury

Grand finale Green Group game this Saturday September 5th…

T-Times 7:12 and 7:20

Come on out and play!

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