Seacoast Toptracer at The Oaks

Who hits longest?  Let Toptracer settle the argument once and for all by setting the monitor to the long drive grid … For up to eight players.

This Toptracer game sets the grid for golfers to compete for points based on distance from the target … Add “In Air” bonus rings for an extra challenge … For up to eight players.

Fine-tune your iron play in this game of nine approach shots on your choice of three legendary courses … For up to eight players.

The player with the least total yardage from the target pin (nine shots) wins the challenge.

A fun game played with everyone hitting from the best selected shot.  Two player teams in a foursome make for a great match!

Fun for all ages and abilities, ‘Go Fish’ can be played individually or as a team of up to four people. Players bid to capture each of the 24 different sea creatures in their virtual aquarium by hitting shots at various targets on the driving range.