Evergreen 2023

Three 2023
Evergreen Membership Options
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(1) Looking to Book Prime
Weekend Tee-Times

Evergreen 7-DAY

(2) Frequently Bring Guests
And … Looking to Book
Prime Weekend Tee Times
Evergreen GOLD

(3) Don’t Play on Weekends
No Need to Book Prime Times
Evergreen 5-DAY

Complete 2023 Evergreen
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Our Commitment/Investment
To an Enjoyable Pace of Play

No Hidden Agenda
Complete FAQ’s

Three Ways To Make Your
2023 Evergreen Deposit

1) Call Either of Our Pro Shops
Candia Woods (603) 483-2307 x101
The Oaks (603) 692-6257 x1
2) In Person at Either Pro Shop
3) At Our Secure Online Store

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