2021 Evergreen Deposit Membership

2021 Evergreen Memberships Available Now - NO DUES OR FEES

Start enjoying membership privileges through 2021 today!

Four Evergreen Deposit Based Membership Options … Each With the Privileges Listed Below

1. Eligible for member only leagues & tournaments.
2. Access to games with likeminded golfer/members.
3. 14 day advance tee time reservations.
4. Pay only for rounds played at Evergreen rate (always our lowest).
5. 10% member discount on all food purchases in the grillrooms.
6. Special reduced member rate to procure GHIN handicap.
7. BONUS CASH and FREE GOLF with initial deposit by December 20, 2020.
8. Additional BONAS CASH on all redeposits of $200 or more by 12.1.21.

Evergreen Bronze

Deposit Starts at $550

  • Initial deposit of $550 individual—$700 couple
  • Make initial deposit by 12.20.20—receive a $40 BONUS + 1 FREE round w/cart
  • Receive $12 bonus on all redeposits of $200 or more made by 12.1.2021

Evergreen Silver

Deposit Starts at $800

  • Initial deposit of $800 individual—$1,050 couple
  • Make initial deposit by 12.20.20—receive a $60 BONUS + 1 FREE round w/cart
  • Receive $15 bonus on all redeposits of $200 or more made by 12.1.21

Evergreen Corporate

Deposit Starts at $1,600

  • Initial deposit of $1,600—includes 2 member designees
  • Make initial deposit by 12.20.20 and receive a $100 BONUS
  • Introduce up to 8 guests per day at Evergreen rate golf & cart
  • Additional members may be added with $500 deposit per member
  • Receive $18 bonus on all redeposits of $200 or more made by 12.1.21

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Evergreen Membership - No Dues or Fees

What are the upfront dues or fees required to become a CandiaOaks Evergreen member?

CandiaOaks Evergreen membership requires NO DUES OR FEES … Just an initial deposit. Evergreen members have complete control of their spend at the clubs; making it the club membership option for the golfer who wants a club member experience, but can’t play enough annual rounds to justify fixed rate dues.

How much is the annual Evergreen membership deposit at Candia Woods and The Oaks?

Deposits start as low as $550; all levels of deposit extend member privileges at both Candia Woods and The Oaks. The different levels are designed to fit a variety of member/golfer profiles … e.g. frequency of play, number of guests entertained at the clubs, predominantly weekday or weekend playing preferences, etc.

Evergreen Membership - Flexible
Evergreen Membership - Doing The Match

What is the disposition at season end of the remaining balance in an Evergreen member’s account?

There are two options: (1) if an Evergreen member chooses to return for the ensuing season their balance is carried forward and added to the ensuing year’s initial deposit; or (2) if an Evergreen member chooses NOT to return their full remaining balance may be exchanged for a CandiaOaks gift card… there is absolutely NO RISK.

What are Evergreen membership deposit bonuses?

Evergreen bonuses add VALUE to an Evergreen member’s account. There are two different deposit bonus opportunities: (1) 2021 initial Evergreen membership deposits made by 12.20.20 receive added cash for the member’s account and a bonus of a round(s) of complimentary golf; (2) all Evergreen member redeposits of $200 or more (through 12.1.21) receive added cash to the member’s account.

Evergreen Membership - Joy

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