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Candia Woods – 483.2307 x101

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What is the fee to become a CandiaOaks Preferred Player?
There is absolutely no fee to become a CandiaOaks Preferred Player.  Just complete and submit the contact form on this page.

What are the perks extended to CandiaOaks Preferred Players?
CandiaOaks Preferred Players always pay our lowest nonmember rate for golf and carts, receive cash back awards on every transaction made at Candia Woods and The Oaks, enjoy exclusive discounted promo days and have access to a secure online account where they can view every transaction – make online tee times – check their updated awards balance.

What are Preferred Player cash back awards?
Once you complete and submit the Preferred Player contact form on this page, your account information instantly uploads into our POS data base — you need do nothing else.   When making any transaction at either course just make sure the employee knows your name, and that you are a Preferred Player; our system will automatically credit your awards (5%) into your account — your updated awards cash balance will then print on your receipt.

How may a Preferred Player use his/her awards cash?
Preferred Player awards cash may be used on any purchase in the pro shops or grillrooms at either Candia Woods or The Oaks.  The money is yours to use as you choose, and the value never expires.

Once I’ve become a CandiaOaks Preferred Player do I have to re register each season?
No.  Once entered as a Preferred Player you will not need to re register in the future.

Is there any reason why a golfer would not want to become a CandiaOaks Preferred Player?
Yes.  The CandiaOaks Evergreen program is an even better deal.  With NO FEES – NO DUES those in our Evergreen program enjoy FULL member privileges, pay lower member rates  for golf and carts, hold a USGA handicap and still get those cash back awards.  CLICK HERE to learn about the unique CandiaOaks Evergreen membership.

Yours in Golf,

Peter Harrity
Direct Cell #603.396.4599 – Call Me At Any Time!

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