Match Play Championship

2017 Match Play Champion - Ernie Paquette

Format:  18-hole Match Play – 100% Handicap

The tournament will be Single Elimination with a Consolation Bracket.

There will be 4 Regions and First Round Matches will be drawn at random.


“A match consists of one side playing against another over a stipulated round unless decreased by the committee.  In match play, the game is decided by holes.  The side that holes its ball in the fewest strokes wins a hole.  In a handicap match, the lower net score wins the hole.  The state of the match is expressed by the terms; “holes up” or “all square” and so many “to play”.  A side is “dormie” when it is as many holes up as there are holes remaining to be played.


Tees:      Men ~ Blue Tees         Men (75+) ~ Green Tees

Rules:    All USGA Rules apply within Match Play

Preferred Lies within your own fairway 12” no closer to hole

100% Handicap ~ Handicaps at the time of the Match are the handicaps used


Tie:  If a match ends on Hole 18 tied.  Players may then play a sudden playoff hole, starting on Hole #1.  Handicap strokes are allocated as they would normally fall on the holes.


Contact Your Opponent to setup your match within the alloted timeframe

Adams Dennis 6032470115
Bousnakis Pete 6038872523
Buffum Jeff 603-533-8942
Callahan Ed 6038672096
Camell David 6034909119
Charland Ron 4634134
Chrzaszcz Walter 603-668-4630
Clougherty Tom 6035665502
Coll Ron 6034835003
Conlon Rich 6036226350
Constant Lionel 424-5248
Curley Hugh 860-214-6520
Curtis Dan 6037020553
Ferendo Rick 6036231185
Ferendo Kevin 6037854410
Fowler Jay 6038542128
Gallant Frank 6038678703
gamache Phil 6033033433
Gardner Greg 617-962-1856 MKTSUPPLY@AOL.COM
Gelinas Ken 6034931109
Gordon Jim 6034595154
Johnson Jack 508-450-6457
Kiley Pat 6036616205
Kohler Robert 603 714-3093
Kokolis Jameson 6033919414
Korzun John 6036202817
Kramer Steve 7815893995
Kwajewski Ken 6033208685
Larkin Gregg 603-583-2223
Laroche Andy 6035483279
Levasseur Dan 6038608010
Mahoney Doug 603-553-4520
Ozana Scott 6037590712
Paquette Ernie 6037344339
Pattee Allen 6033159153
Plourde Adrien 603-785-4805
Pope Sandy 6037720395
Rob Galley 603-978-6237
Rose Mike 603 505-5298
Scott Mark 978-502-7659
Snyder Doug 3403469
Standring Tim 9785902973
Stevens Harley 603-463-0334
Verrier Richard 6035057287
Vincent Mannolini 603=490-7662