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“My wife and I just renewed our CandiaOaks Evergreen card membership.  This is the only club membership program that guarantees we’ll receive full value for our golf investment… we pay no dues or fees, our member/debit cards are always charged at the LOWEST daily rate at two great courses and what we don’t use on golf we can spend in the grill room.   Evergreen is a no brainer for 21st century golfers.”

       Dave Proia — CandiaOaks Evergreen Card Member Since 2010

Evergreen FAQ's

What is the out-of-pocket cost to join the CandiaOaks Evergreen program?
There are NO costs or fees required to join the unique Evergreen program at Candia Woods and The Oaks; just a deposit.

How much is the Evergreen deposit?
Deposits start as low as $550 and go up to $1600. The different levels of deposit are designed to fit each member’s golfer profile… e.g. when you play your golf — how often you play – how frequently you bring guests.

Is the entire amount of my Evergreen deposit mine to use?
Yes. The entire amount of all Evergreen deposit(s) plus bonuses are available to use at Candia Woods and/or The Oaks.

Is the Evergreen deposit money I put up good just toward greens fees and carts?
No. Evergreen deposits are good toward any purchase at Candia Woods and The Oaks including: golf fees, cart fees, pro shop merchandise, and food & beverage.

Besides being guaranteed the lowest daily rate for golf and cart, are there other perks that come with the Evergreen program?
Yes, there are several. Throughout the year of your deposit you’ll enjoy FULL membership privileges at both Candia Woods and The Oaks including: advanced tee time reservations, eligibility to participate in all member-only leagues/tournaments.

How do the pro shop attendants and club staff know how to identify me as an Evergreen program member?
Evergreen members receive a unique member/debit card; all purchases at Candia Woods and The Oaks are then made with your card.

How will I be able to track my Evergreen account?
Evergreen members have access to a 24/7 portal (user name/password protected) that provides a real time record of every transaction.

What do I do if the balance in my Evergreen program account gets low?
You may redeposit at any time and for any amount.

At the end of the year what is the disposition of any remaining balance in my Evergreen program account?
There are two options: (1) if you choose to return as an Evergreen program member (more than 95% of those in the program do so every year) your balance is carried forward and added to your ensuing year’s deposit; or (2) if you choose NOT to return as an Evergreen member we will exchange your full remaining balance for a CandiaOaks gift card… there is absolutely NO RISK.

What else should I know?
An added bonus is the Evergreen awards program. Every purchase you make with your Evergreen card automatically generates a 5% deposit in a pre-paid account in your name. Your real time pre-paid balance will print on your receipt… it’s real cash value for you to use on any future purchase at Candia Woods or The Oaks.

Yours in Golf,

Peter Harrity
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