Evergreen Cash


  • Download either or both of our new APPS
    E-CASH function on both can be used at Oaks and Candia Woods.
  • Press the “Me” button (lower right) and set up your profile.
  • Hit “Edit Payment Info” tab and enter your credit card information.
    Our platform is secure.
  • Press the “E-CASH” button and deposit $200 … Yours to use as you choose at either of our courses. We’ll even add $10 for you to enjoy!


  • SAVE – Pay with E-CASH and receive our LOWEST Evergreen rates for golf & carts … BIG SAVINGS ON EVERY VISIT!
  • REWARDS – Book tee times through our APPS and receive extra rewards good toward future purchases … ALL TRACKED IN THE APP.
  • BONUS CASH – $10 added to every $200 E-CASH redeposit … NICE


  • EASY RESERVATIONS – Make/check/adjust tee times.
  • EASY & FAST PAY – Make ALL purchases and tips (including bev carts) … Even pay golf buddies a friendly wager loss with E-CASH!
  • EASY TRACKING – View every E-CASH transaction (deposits and debits), and tee time booking rewards.

Download Our Apps Today and Start Saving!

Apple and Android

Make Tee Times … Check Tee Times … Adjust Tee Times … Earn Rewards
Easy Real Time Deposits with Added BONUS CASH
Use E-CASH and Pay Low Evergreen Rates for Golf & Carts

Use E-CASH for All Purchases, Including the Beverage Carts … Even Add Tips
At Both The Oaks & Candia Woods

Track All Evergreen E-CASH Transactions (deposits and debits) … Right on the APP
Pay Friendly Golf Wagers with E-CASH

When you play with us … You’ll no longer need your wallet, cash or credit cards!

Evergreen FAQs

If I make a 2019 Evergreen deposit now will I be required to make another deposit next year?

Although Evergreen membership , and the new Evergreen GOLF CASH program require an annual deposit, deposits made now will carry privileges through the end of 2019. Of course, you may make re-deposits in any increment at any time, and when making a re-deposit of $200 or more you’ll receive bonus CASH in line with your Evergreen membership level, or the Evergreen GOLF CASH program.

Why would a golfer make a deposit in one of the Evergreen membership programs when the new Evergreen GOLF CASH options requires a lower deposit, and extends Evergreen rates for golf and carts?

Those opting for the Evergreen GOLF CASH program do not become CandiaOaks members. Evergreen membership (all levels) provides several perks/benefits/added bonuses not included in the Evergreen GOLF CASH; including (1) substantially larger initial and re-deposit bonuses (2) a 10% discount on all food purchases in the grillrooms at both courses, (3) eligibility to participate in all member only leagues/tournaments, (4) 10 day advance tee time reservation, (5) member discounted purchase of a GHIN handicap card. If you plan to play our courses 10 or more times between now and the end of the 2019 season … one of the Evergreen membership options will be your best savings.

If I choose the Evergreen GOLF CASH program, or one of the lower Evergreen membership programs, will I have the option to move up with just a “Top Up” deposit?
Unfortunately no. All Evergreen mem

berships and Evergreen GOLF CASH require the designated initial deposit as outlined.

I see that Candia Woods and The Oaks are now on Dynamic Rates … How does that impact the Evergreen rate?

Evergreen rates are also built on a dynamic rate platform and adjust just like our public player rates, but always at a dynamic rate lower than public rate; for both golf & cart!

Do I understand correctly that the Evergreen GOLF CASH program is only available through the Phone APP?

Yes. Evergreen GOLF CASH is designed to work like many new APPS which provide easy (real time) deposits, payments, awards points tracking/redemption right though your phone. And, more functionalities are coming.

Does that mean those on Evergreen GOLF CASH will use their Smart Phones for all transactions at Candia Woods and The Oaks?

Yes. To receive Evergreen rates for golf & carts and to receive awards points, those in the GOLF CASH program must use the APP for payment on all transactions at Candia Woods and The Oaks.

That will make those on the Evergreen GOLF CASH program easily identifiable … But how do the pro shop attendants and club staff know how to identify those who are Evergreen members?

Evergreen members receive a unique member/debit card; all purchases at Candia Woods and The Oaks are then made with your card. In addition, those joining us as 2019 Evergreen members will have a membership designation in our POS system through December 31, 2019.

How do Evergreen members track account activity?

Evergreen members have access to a 24/7 portal (user name/password protected) that provides a real time record of every transaction.

At the end of the year what is the disposition of any remaining balance in my Evergreen membership account?

There are two options: (1) if you choose to return as an Evergreen member (more than 95% of those in the program do so every year) your balance is carried forward and added to your ensuing year’s deposit; or (2) if you choose NOT to return as an Evergreen member we will exchange your full remaining balance for a CandiaOaks gift card… there is absolutely NO RISK.

Additional questions call us: Candia Woods 483-2307 x107 — The Oaks 692-6257 x106